watching-clock-tallEach of us has three basic resources: time, energy, and money.

One thing that helps me save time is to become more conscious of time. There are a number of ways to do this:

1) Work on budgeting your time, just as you would budget your money. Try tracking your time for a while. If you are easily distracted, then, start writing down the time whenever you go into “distraction mode.” (This can be web-surfing, calling friends, watching TV, whatever your escape is.) Then write down the time when you stop.

You can use a timer for this, too, but the extra step of writing down your starting and stopping times is important.

Then see if you can find ways to cut down the amount of time you spend being distracted.
2) Another way to do this is to have a friend call you at a pre-determined time. Agreeing to be interrupted will help you find ways to complete your tasks within a given amount of time.

This works both ways, though. If you like to chat on the phone, then stick to a budget for that, too. If you have trouble ending a phone call, just tell your friend that you have to get back to work and can call them back after a certain time. Again, you can set a timer and write down your starting and stopping times.

Simply by tracking your time, you will find ways to tighten your belt. Again, it’s like sticking to a budget.

If all this notation seems too boring, or like too much work, just try it for an hour a day to start. You can do it one day at a time, and then see if you can stick to the plan just for one day, for even an hour. Most of us can manage that.

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