no-more-textingTell friends and family to leave voicemails on your phone instead of text messages for brief comments. Text messages can cost up to 15 cents each, and voicemails are often free minutes on your cell phone plan. This also saves you time and hassle, because you will receive fewer “filler” and “junk” messages that only end up deleted.

Ending texting conversations can also save time and money because we often do not realize how much time it consumes until after we’ve stopped doing it.
You should also turn off all text message notification services. Check your horoscope and sports scores when you get online. Online content is often free, text services are $1 or more per month PLUS cost of the text messages. And if you aren’t reading all of those messages, you will gain back that time to use on more productive purposes.

You will also get more done, because every interruption takes time and energy away from what you were working on at the time. A secondary benefit is that you will not feel so stressed with every interruption. Doing this can also save tons off your phone bill, because you will not get added to so many “spim”, instant messaging spam, lists – which are so annoying because you are charged for these junk IMs.

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