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drivingIt is possible to save yourself a great deal of time when you are driving if you just take a bit of time earlier to do the right planning and analyzing.

First of all, you can use online mapping programs or regular print maps to determine the shortest routes to the places that you wish to drive to. This will remove a lot of guesswork from the process. Also, it might not hurt to do a dry run ahead of time if you can possibly manage it. Read the rest of this entry »

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planningTime saving is something that every one is interested in, and believe it or not with simple planning ahead you can save more time than you imagined. I know that not everyone is into planning or making lists, however if you do both of these not only will you save time you will also save money.

I plan all of my meals for the week ahead of time, make a list for the grocery store in the order of the store layout and sort my coupons the same way. This helps me to spend less time in the grocery store and results in me not purchasing things I do not need. Planning my meals also saves time every night when I am preparing them, I do not have to think about what I am going to cook, as it has already been planned out, all I need to do is to get the items together that I need in order to make the meal. Read the rest of this entry »

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housecleaningEffective time management can help busy moms to keep time under control.

First of all, moms should keep a list handy and should jot down important things as they come to mind. This will save you time, frustration and needless trips for forgotten items. Secondly, you should plan meals for the upcoming week beforehand. You should shop in bulk and keep a good stock of grocery items in order to save time and money. You should prepare enough food for several meals and store them in freezer bags. Next time, whenever you feel pressed for time, you will need to simply heat the food and serve it.

Doing a little bit of cleaning each day will save you much time. It will help you to keep your house clean and uncluttered every morning. You should not let the housework pile up otherwise you will have to spend an entire week-end catching up on it and it will also lead to stress and strain. Children should be given various chores depending on their age and abilities. This way, besides getting help, moms can teach children to be responsible.

These tips will definitely help moms to enjoy more family time.

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morning-routineIf you and your sweetie have to both be up and out early in the morning every day, don’t crowd each other.

Take turns in the bathroom. While you’re in the shower he can be preparing breakfast and coffee for the two of you, and while he’s touching up his shave you can be preparing your lunches.

You can both come out ahead if you double up on the things you do to help each other out working as a team. If you have school age children, take a few minutes to pack lunches and gather books the night before.

Remember to take turns so that you both save time rather than one of you saving time and the other always ending up rushed and late!

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errandsWhen gas prices were so high last fall, I found that I could cluster all of my weekend errands by geography. I have kept that up even as prices have come down because I found it so efficient. Here is a short summary of the process …

Think about the typical places you go – grocery, dry cleaning, post office, the local Hallmark store, pharmacy, bank, etc. Make sure that all of these locations are located in close proximity to your home and to each other. For example, I was still going to a pharmacy near my daughter’s middle school but she’s now in high school; I have no other reason to be near the middle school.

I then started to stock up and to plan for making that grocery trip just once per week. Read the rest of this entry »

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