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subwayRiding a big city subway during the rush hour commute to and from work can test the limits of your humanity. Fortunately, there are a few suggestions for taking control of the situation. When riding a crowded subway train everyday to work, observe which car stops closest to the exit point at your destination. The next day, board the car that you have already identified as being most likely to stop near your destination’s exit. Following this strategy, you should be able to get the jump on the crowds as they try to exit the subway station at rush hour.

Also, “back riding” to catch an express train can really speed a commute. “Back riding” involves catching a train going in the opposite directions of your intended itinerary with the purpose of arriving at a station serviced by an express train. Sometimes one step back, can lead to two steps forward.

Another useful tip is to prepay for fares ahead of time by purchasing a monthly pass instead of buying a ticket everyday.

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