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writing-checksI was born before computers, cell phones, and even television! However, my determination to keep up with things in the twenty-first century propelled me to purchase and learn about them. I prided myself, unlike my mother, on not storing pots in the dishwasher but actually using it the way it was intended, and the same with the microwave oven in my kitchen! I was proud that I was never late paying a bill, even when bills started becoming due at different dates, not just on the first and the fifteenth, as they used to be.

One day I was sitting at my desk, for the umpteenth time that month, making out checks for several bills, which were due that particular week. I suddenly realized that I was spending an excessive amount of time doing this, which also caused me to have to keep a supply of envelopes and stamps in the house. That also required a trip to the post office and the stationary or office supply store.

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