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cleaning-for-companyEveryone who has lived in their own place knows that one of the most time consuming chores is just keeping things generally clean. Housekeeping can take an awful lot of time, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to do it thoroughly. Here’s my favorite time saving tip that I use when I need to clean up quickly, like when my mother in law calls to say she’s “just dropping in” to say hello and she will be there in twenty minutes.

The secret to having your house look good enough for company, even great, is to focus on the things that really catch the attention of your visitor. You can save so much time by focusing on the high priority cleaning tasks first and leaving the re-organizing of your knick-knacks to a later time.

The first thing that you should do is de-clutter. Take a regular old laundry basket on your hip and pick up all the stray mittens, old magazines, and half-finished knitting projects. Then just take the laundry basket and stow it away in your bedroom or a closet. You can take each item of clutter and put it in its proper place after company has gone.

The next step is to wipe surfaces clean. Visitors will notice if the coffee table or bathroom mirror is sparkling clean or if it has mucky sticky spots on it. It will take a few minutes, but clean the surfaces with an all-purpose spray and rag.

Finally, empty the trash and vacuum. These steps will make it seem as though you have just cleaned the house – even if in truth you have only just started.

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