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delegate-choresMy favorite way to save time around the house is to delegate. As a mother of three teenagers, there is a lot of energy available to be tapped by delegating.

Starting when they were small children, I assigned them chores that they were capable of performing. They began by helping load and empty the dishwasher, carrying their dirty laundry to the laundry room and even making their beds. Of course that meant smoothing their duvets over their sheets more than really making them, but it worked.

As they grew, their responsibilities grew, too. They learned how to cook and take care of the house. They learned how to take care of their pets. They even learned how to change the oil in the car and do small car repairs.

Now that they are all bigger than me, they have become accomplished helpers. They take turns making meals, doing laundry and generally helping around the house. On Saturdays, we zip around the house like a miniature tornado, making sure the bathrooms are clean and the chores are done. It is a little more difficult now — they are much busier than when they were small and some days I end up doing chores they have traditionally done in the past. But when they are home, they are my biggest time savers.

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socksI hate sorting socks. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this time-consuming laundry problem.

  1. Have each family member put their socks in a hosiery or lingerie bag. Wash and dry the socks in the bag, then return each back to its owner so they can sort their socks and put them away.
  2. Buy several pairs of identical socks. Not only does this make sorting socks easier, when one sock is worn out it can be matched to a sock from another pair.
  3. Have family members clip their socks together before they put them in the laundry hamper. You can buy sock clips at many home and discount stores.
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