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shower_nightOne of my most cherished time saving habits (I have a few) is to take a shower in the evening so that I do not have to worry about getting a shower in the morning. This saves me the five to ten minutes that are required to get a good shower (in my opinion). All there is to do in the morning is to wake up, do the normal daily hygiene acts–such as brushing teeth, deodorant, flossing, etc.–get dressed, and I am on my way.

For a while I did not think I was a morning person and needed the shower to wake up but once I started doing it, it became pretty normal. I have make sure I lay out the clothes that I plan to wear the next day just to save myself some more time, as I just have to roll out of bed, throw my clothes on and do the hygiene thing as soon as I wake up.

This is my favorite time saving habit that I have for when I wake up in the morning. It has saved me at least ten to fifteen minutes of sleep every morning and is something that I am glad I picked up.

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