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drivingIt is possible to save yourself a great deal of time when you are driving if you just take a bit of time earlier to do the right planning and analyzing.

First of all, you can use online mapping programs or regular print maps to determine the shortest routes to the places that you wish to drive to. This will remove a lot of guesswork from the process. Also, it might not hurt to do a dry run ahead of time if you can possibly manage it. Read the rest of this entry »

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errandsWhen gas prices were so high last fall, I found that I could cluster all of my weekend errands by geography. I have kept that up even as prices have come down because I found it so efficient. Here is a short summary of the process …

Think about the typical places you go – grocery, dry cleaning, post office, the local Hallmark store, pharmacy, bank, etc. Make sure that all of these locations are located in close proximity to your home and to each other. For example, I was still going to a pharmacy near my daughter’s middle school but she’s now in high school; I have no other reason to be near the middle school.

I then started to stock up and to plan for making that grocery trip just once per week. Read the rest of this entry »

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totebagHang a tote bag on a hook next to the door, or from a door knob.

Whenever there is something you need to take on your next errand run, such as envelopes or packages to be mailed, library books to be returned, and other items, just drop them into the bag. The tote bag keeps everything together and makes sure you won’t forget anything.

At the end of your trip, use the tote bag to carry in anything you picked up.

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