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food-prep1My favorite time saving tip is to prepare most of my meals and snacks ahead of time. I grocery shop early in the morning on Saturdays. As soon as I get home, I start preparing most of the food my family will consume during the rest of the week.

I use a whole box of mix and freeze pancakes in individual stacks of three. I cut carrot and celery sticks and package them with small cups (available at any party supply store) of peanut butter and cream cheese. Read the rest of this entry »

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family-cooking1My favorite way to save time is to cook for several meals at once. Granted that this only works for people who enjoys to cook, cooking a large amount of food and then separating it into two or three meals will save you hours of cooking time.

You can feed yourself several meals if you simply cook more. The effort required to cook more is minimal. All you need to do is scale it by adding more of everything. Add more pasta, more rice, more chicken. When you’re done with everything, simply put excess food into Gladware containers and organize it into next meal.

Imagine the time you save by not having to prepare, marinate, fry, and wash everyday single day. Washing alone is reason enough for me to cook fewer times but with more food. Think how it would be to have a home-cooked meal ready for you simply because you took the time to put more pasta into the boiling water the night before. All you would need to do is to throw it into the microwave and food will be ready.

Cooking also saves money by not having to eat out. It is also way healthier than eating all that junk from fast-food restaurants.

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