computer-notesWhen you are a college student, time-saving and time management are the name of the game. You’ve got to worry about doing all of your reading, studying constantly to keep up with the material, getting to class, eating, hitting the gym, and a thousand other strains on our time.

My tip will help you get the most out of your reading, and will save you precious time when your tests and exams come around. It will work with nearly any class, but the technique is best for the ones which you could study for with flashcards.

As you are reading your textbook or listening to lectures, type up your notes in Microsoft Word. This saves paper, your hand muscles, and also allows you to do a cool tech trick for studying.

Type in Microsoft Word in ‘Outline View’, which can be found under the view menu. Use the tab button to create different layers, just like an outline. Keep the first levels for subjects, and try to keep the bullet points short. Pressing the shift and tab buttons together will allow you to increase the levels. This is like the opposite of using the tab button. Type in your notes in this way, with most of the information being indented.

Save the document, and then open it in PowerPoint. Your outline has been changed into a PowerPoint presentation, which can be used to easily study for the big test!

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