healthy-snackI am a very busy person during week days and find it very difficult to sit to eat either breakfast or lunch. But I’m also a person with a healthy appetite, so if I go without eating I end up with a headache or feel very grouchy.

To solve this problem I’ve started to buy certain food staples in bulk and to parcel out small amounts of food for my breakfasts and lunches. I bring these with me in my briefcase and munch all day long (as long as I’m not in a meeting).

For example, I’ve eliminated the time it takes to sit and have breakfast because I buy cereal in bulk and bring a sandwich-sized bag of it with me each morning. Sometimes I eat it while I drive in to work; sometimes I eat it when I’m checking my email first thing in the morning. I do the same for lunch items. I particularly enjoy small sized yogurts, granola bars, and fruit that I’ve bought in bulk.

The very best part of this solution is that it’s turned out to be healthy too. I find that eating a small amount several times a day actually keeps me feeling full and I eat fewer calories every day. It’s easy to find healthy food options this way, and now I’m more efficient and more healthy too!

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