drivingIt is possible to save yourself a great deal of time when you are driving if you just take a bit of time earlier to do the right planning and analyzing.

First of all, you can use online mapping programs or regular print maps to determine the shortest routes to the places that you wish to drive to. This will remove a lot of guesswork from the process. Also, it might not hurt to do a dry run ahead of time if you can possibly manage it.

Next, try to do all of your errands for the week in one day if you can. For example, you could get gasoline first, then go get cash from the ATM, rent a movie, pick up the dry cleaning, and go to the grocery store. You could, of course, alter this series of destinations according to where they are so that you do not end up backtracking, which will only waste your time and gasoline. It will also get on your nerves. Being more efficient will give you more peace of mind.

Also, you could have someone go along with you so that you could, say, pick up the dry cleaning while they rent the movie. Then the two errands will get done at the same time because you have an extra pair of helping hands along with you.

By following the above advice, you will save many hours when driving.

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